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Hi, I'm Meg Pier, founder of the People Are Culture website, and co-founder of Flip the Lens YT channel. Thanks for visiting!

I spent 30 years in corporate PR helping banking and investment executives tell the stories of their companies and products. In 2008, I decided to use my experience and skills to shine a light on people around the world who are creating and preserving culture.

For 15 years I have been inviting cultural artisans, stewards and preservationists to tell me their stories, and then sharing those out with the world. It has been an amazing and very moving privilege and pleasure.

My aspiration is that People Are Culture and Flip the Lens inspire people to start conversations, ask questions, and be interested in others. I hope you find the more than 200 personal stories that people have shared with me as meaningful as I do.

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Fascinated by the Different Cultures of the World?

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Are you curious about examples of culture from around the world? A student of human nature? A history buff? Whether you are a globetrotter or an armchair traveler, if you enjoy learning about the different cultures of the world, then you've come to the right place! People Are Culture is an ever-growing anthology that explores the definition of culture, as well as its meaning and relevance, through the lens of people's personal stories.

People Are Culture presents more than 250 interviews and feature stories that reveal what makes places and different cultures unique. PAC shines a light on the traditions, customs, crafts and lifestyles of more than 30 countries in North, South and Central America, as well as Armenia, Europe, India, and the Middle East.

In each piece, people share powerful insights about their heritage, while also revealing their own transformational life lessons and spiritual practices, world-changing ideas, dramatic adventures, and hard-won wisdom. PAC's stories take you deeper into the world's different cultures and also remind us that we all share the human condition.

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Culture is Universal and Personal!

While the phenomenon of culture is universal, its meaning is personal. Our interviews and profiles celebrate our different cultures as well as our shared humanity. We believe we are each special...and we are all the same. We all matter, we each have an incredible story, and everyone has something to teach us.

We present stories of cultural standard bearers in 15 categoriesArchitectureArchaeology; Cultural ImmersionDanceFestivalsFolk ArtFoodGardens & LandscapesLanguage & LegendsMaritimeMusic; Cultural HeritageSpiritualityTextiles; and Visual Arts.

Stories of Different Cultures of the World By Geographic Region

With our interviews and stories, you can explore the different cultures of more than 30 countries in North, South and Central America, as well as Armenia, Europe, India, and the Middle East. What do you find that is unique? What do you realize is similar? We invite you to share your take by making a comment!

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New Book Explores "What is Culture" with Stories of People from Around the World

What is Culture ebook

This book shares the experiences of a cross-section of 15 fascinating people who each offer their personal and unique insights into the phenomenon of culture. It is a privilege to share their knowledge and their stories, which are insightful and moving. Each conversation is a powerful reminder of how different perspectives can expand our own.

In this interview compilation, I present the highly personal stories and insights about the meaning of culture from people as varied as a Maltese archaeologist; New Orleans blues singer, Azorean master gardener, Cambodian peace activist to an Italian cheese-maker; a Maine lobsterman; Colombian architect; Mayan shaman; a Spanish flamenco dancer; Indian art historian and filmmaker; Croatian textile preservationist; Estonian choral conductor; U.S. folklorist; world-renowned linguist and an Eritrean-American refugee and memoirist.

The consensus? Culture explains what it means to be human.

Visit Amazon to look inside the book!

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At a time of unprecedented negativity, Flip the Lens (FTL) is a platform for positive short videos that celebrate humanity and culture. The idea is to change the world by seeing the good in it.

We publish videos created by regular people who happen to have an interest in what it means to be human. We believe if you have a phone, you are a filmmaker!

FTL is for anyone who is curious, creative, and wants to be part of a movement to shine a light on what is good about people, culture, and what we share in common. We feature videos by people from all over the world, all walks of life, and all ages!

Check out Flip the Lens and be a part of our community, either as a subscriber or filmmaker!

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