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Culture is Universal. Culture is Symbolic. Culture is How We Connect.

People Are Culture (PAC) is the only online magazine that offers in-depth stories of people from around the world and all walks of life, who each offer powerful insights about their culture and its history. In sharing their heritage and traditions, they also reveal their own transformational life lessons and spiritual practices, world-changing ideas, dramatic adventures, and hard-won wisdom. PAC provides a unique perspective, presenting stories of how culture is created and shared by allowing people to tell their own stories in their own voices.

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Why Does Culture Matter?

Culture explains what it means to be human. Culture is all the myriad ways we create, communicate, identify, individuate and connect. Culture provides ways to both express our individuality, and to see ourselves in others. Culture is the transmission line that makes possible cooperation, peace and prosperity. Without the capacity for connection we have misunderstandings, fear, intolerance, prejudice, chaos, anarchy and annihilation.

Culture is Universal and Personal!

While the phenomenon of culture is universal, its meaning is personal. Our interviews and profiles celebrate our unique differences and our shared human condition. We believe we are each special...and we are all the same. We all matter, we each have an incredible story, and everyone has something to teach us.

We present stories of cultural standard bearers in 12 categoriesArchaeology & ArchitectureDanceFestivalsFolk ArtFoodGardens & LandscapesLanguage & LegendsMaritimeMusicSpiritualityTextiles; and Visual Arts.

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New Book Explores "What is Culture" with Stories of People from Around the World

What is Culture ebook

This book shares the experiences of a cross-section of 15 fascinating people who each offer their personal and unique insights into the phenomenon of culture. It is a privilege to share their knowledge and their stories, which are insightful and moving. Each conversation is a powerful reminder of how different perspectives can expand our own.

In this interview compilation, PAC founder Meg Pier presents the highly personal stories and insights about the meaning of culture from people as varied as a Maltese archaeologist; New Orleans blues singer, Azorean master gardener, Cambodian peace activist to an Italian cheese-maker; a Maine lobsterman; Colombian architect; Mayan shaman; a Spanish flamenco dancer; Indian art historian and filmmaker; Croatian textile preservationist; Estonian choral conductor; U.S. folklorist; world-renowned linguist and an Eritrean-American refugee and memoirist.

The consensus? Culture explains what it means to be human.

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