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Curated Documentary Art On Connecting Through Culture

Welcome to Agora, a culture sharing platform that explores the deeply personal ways that people connect through culture.

With Agora, people gather, connect, create and share documentary art about three themes: cultural meaning, belonging, and cultural expression.

In today’s global world we are more connected than ever before...and yet, paradoxically, many of us often feel more alone, alienated, different, and less-than.

The human need to feel connected is unmistakably universal - even if we each experience it in a uniquely personal way. As instinctive as it is to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, there is no one among us who hasn't at one point or another felt disconnected, unheard, and on the outside looking in.

Agora seeks to nurture connection. We invite you to connect with us by diving into the documentary art featured here! If it resonates, make a comment and share it! If you would like to contribute a piece of documentary art, check out our submission guidelines!



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