India Culture & Folk Arts Are Catalysts For Transforming Economy & Lives

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India Culture Program Propels More Than

10k Out of Poverty

India culture and folk arts are transforming lives and the economy of West Bengal, thanks in large part to Amitava Bhattacharya, the Founder and Director of Amitava was trained as an engineer from IIT Kharagapur and was a Gurukul Chevening Scholar on Leadership and Excellence from the London School of Economics. He has over 26 years of global work experience.

Banglanatak is a social enterprise working across India with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development using culture-based approaches. The organization works for the protection of rights of women, children and indigenous people and specializes in developing community-led creative industries based on intangible cultural heritage like performing arts and crafts.

Banglanatak has implemented multiple initiatives, including “MusiCal,” which supports youths by giving them the skills and resources to develop a career in the music industry, focusing on traditional folk and contemporary urban acoustic music. They have also created TourEast, which promotes the cultural destinations of rural West Bengal through learning about heritage and traditions of rural life. By partnering with local communities, Banglanatak has been able to ensure economic benefits through increased local ownership.

In 2004, Amitava launched ‘Art for Livelihood’ (AFL) the flagship project of Banglanatak with 3200 rural community artists engaged in six traditional art forms across 6 districts of West Bengal in India. Over 10,000 families have made the transition across poverty line through micro economies established by AFL that are based on traditional art and craft skills.

I know you’ll enjoy this inspiring story of entrepreneurship, dedication, and love for culture. Amitava brings us inside the works of Banglanatak and the change they have inspired within Indian communities.

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