Assemblage Art and Creative Life of Anado Mclauchlin

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Assemblage Art & Creative Philosophy of Anado Mclauchlin

Assemblage art was the passion of Anado Mclauchlin, founder and curator of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery in the Casa de Las Ranas Compound in Mexico. Anado, originally born James Rayburn Mclauchlin III, became a Mexico resident by way of Oklahoma, New York, India, and California. Anado passed away in April 2021.

Anado had been creating art since his early childhood and remained committed to tapping into that child-like innocence and sense of playfulness. His vision had been to create a visceral playground for both adults and children. He encouraged visitors, and sometimes himself, to always be in contact with the child-like scribbled nature of one’s creative process.

An amazing story about the root of his passion properly explained his own creative process: “One night I was dreaming that I was driving my taxi and I was lost. I said aloud ‘Where am I?’ and a voice answered ‘You’re on Kismet Street’. The next day I looked up the definition of ‘kismet’ and learned it means fate… I am open to fate and what existence has to offer.”

He said: I am not trying to change the world…I am using my art as a vehicle of exploration and inclusion in this big old world….

Anado used whatever materials were available to him, such as glass bottles. He enjoyed combining and juxtaposing trash into a piece that taps into a sense of irony. Much like we live amongst the trash, Anado believed culture is the byproduct and the essence of sentient beings living amongst one another.

I know you’ll enjoy this fascinating interview with a true assemblage and mosaic artist. Learn about Anado’s firm belief in a strong family unit, creating art you are proud of, and staying connected to our younger selves.

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