Faces of Croatia

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Faces of Croatia is BCD’s Video Tribute to the Lovely People Keeping the Country’s Rich Cultural Heritage Alive!

Faces of Croatia is Best Cultural Destinations’ video tribute to the lovely people keeping the country’s rich cultural heritage alive!

Croatia has long been a cultural crossroads, given its location at the junction of Western, Central and Southeastern Europe. Because of a geographic position that encompasses important sea channels north and south, and river routes between the east and west, Croatia represents a blend of four different cultural spheres. It was an intersection of influences from the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire—as well as a meeting point of the Middle European and Mediterranean cultures.

One of those customs is hospitality–during our visit, BCD received a warm welcome in Konavle Valley, Korcula, Slavonski Brod, Ston & Vid!

Faces of Croatia Video


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