Making Lavash! The Folk Song that is an Ode to Armenian Bread

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Loving Armenian Lavash: Hats Ktkhem Garia Folk Song

Let singer Anush Stepanyan introduce you to lavash, a traditional thin bread that is an essential part of Armenian cuisine! Enjoy Anush’s beautiful and heartfelt ode to this delicacy that is part of daily life in Armenia. Making lavash is considered a ceremony, as there are many customs and beliefs associated with it; this folk song, “Hats Ktkhem Garia,” also praises the year’s successful harvest.

Lavash, baked in a conical clay oven called a tonir, was inscribed as an item of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2014. Beyond being a staple of everyday Armenian cuisine, Lavash has some symbolic significance; the bread plays a ritual role in weddings, where it is placed on the shoulders of newlyweds to bring fertility and prosperity.

Anush, 30 years old, is from Armenia’s capital of Yerevan and is the solo singer of “JNAR” Armenian Traditional Music Ensemble; when asked how long she has been singing, she says “Since I was born!” Her talent certainly is a natural gift!


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