Burren College of Art Provides Alternative Approaches to Fine Art

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Burren College of Art President Mary Hawkes-Greene | We Are All Artists

The Burren College of Art was founded by its current President Mary Hawkes-Greene and her late husband Michael Greene in 1994. The College is an internationally recognized Irish non-profit specializing in undergraduate, postgraduate and alternative approaches to fine art education, and located in the Burren, a region famous for its natural beauty and unique ecosystem.

Mary's career in education has ranged from teaching in Italy, France and Israel, to designing programs for inner city Dublin communities, to working with government agencies on education policy for itinerant Irish Traveller children. Central to all of these has been her commitment to the arts in education and firsthand experience of the educational value of living in diverse cultures.

The College's Master of Fine Art program is accredited by the National University of Ireland, Galway. Its undergraduate program is designed for students in North America who wish to study abroad in Ireland for one to two semesters, and the College currently partners with over 40 colleges and universities in the US and Canada. The school's workshops and residency program welcome practitioners from all over the world, and its Creative Difference and Leadership program are designed to educate non-artists in the principles and procedures of creative processes.

The College's visual arts complimentary programs attempt to explore the relationship of art to ecology, law, archaeology, business, leadership, and more. The College aims to connect the creative mind to all academic disciplines through their Center for Creative Leadership.

Mary says "My greatest satisfaction continues to come from witnessing students positively transform in this environment." Underpinning my conversation with Mary is the notion that we are all artists, and that creativity is a requirement for successfully navigating this increasingly complex world of ours.


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