Best Castles in Scotland Dunnottar Castle

The 10 Best Castles in Scotland

This is a guide to the best Castles in Scotland. Scotland is the land of castles. With arguably the greatest concentration of them in Europe there is something to appeal to everyone.  Best of all, Scotland’s castles are accessible.

Flow Country

Flow Country and Symbolism of Place

Flow Country is a region in the Northeast of the Scottish Highlands, far from any major cities. The atmosphere and energy of this place is otherworldly. It can feel like stepping into an earth of the past….

Nature in Scotland Inspires Textile Artist

Textile artist Louise Worthy finds her muse in Scottish birds as well as nature in Scotland. Louise lives in one of the interior communities of Flow Country in Caithness and Sutherland in the North of Scotland.

Hebrides Islands Scotland Lighthouse Eilean Musdile

Hebrides Islands of Scotland, A Dream Vacation

The Hebrides islands off the west coast of Scotland are a dream vacation for anyone who loves the great outdoors, history, and creative arts. The Hebrides islands have been a destination for travelers since Time immemorial….