Content Creator/Filmmaker

Flip the Lens Content Creator Internship

Start-up Flip the Lens seeks interns to create video documentaries about the human condition, as well as help grow a following for this digital endeavor. No filmmaking experience required. If you have a phone, you are a filmmaker.

Flip the Lens (FTL) is a revolutionary platform for creating powerful and meaningful content about our shared humanity. An alternative to self-focused social media, FTL is a digital social innovation initiative that offers people of all ages a forum for changing the world, one conversation at a time.

FTL features content about real, authentic people sharing life experiences from the heart. We publish and share work in four genres: short video interviews; mini documentaries; video slide shows; video essays.

The interviews are published on playlists of our YouTube channel, and form a collective body of content that documents diverse views from around the world on what it means to be human. We believe that by using a camera as a window rather than a mirror, there will be more peace and understanding in the world.

FTL celebrates our unique differences and our shared human condition. We are advocates of curiosity, listening, identification and respect. We believe everyone matters and we each have valuable life lessons to share.

The internships offer the opportunity to get hands-on experience in digital content creation and marketing.

Check out what past interns have had to say about their experience with People Are Culture and Flip the Lens!

The internships are unpaid and for-credit. Interns will work 8-20 hours per week under the direction of FTL Founder Meg Pier with an objective of generating new content and raising visibility of the FTL platform.

The internships are remote with weekly Zoom meetings. Interns must commit to a specific weekly schedule (i.e., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Monday -Friday). Interns will need to document their time and projects worked on in a shared Google document.

Each week will begin with a meeting with Meg to map out the week’s activities, which will be tracked on a shared Google doc. On days worked, communication with Meg (and potentially other interns) will be frequent. Any missed time must be made up. Time off must be agreed to in advance.

Assignments will include:

  • "Pitching" Meg on topics for six 3-7 minute videos in the FTL genres.
  • Creating six-eight mini documentaries
  • Learning "backstage" mechanics of posting content on YouTube and generating views/subscribers.
  • Developing promotional campaigns for FTL

Upon completion of a FTL internship, you will have an impressive digital portfolio! Apply now!

If this sounds like a dream internship to you, please send a cover letter and resume to