Culture Content Creator

Culture Content Creator Internship

Start-up culture and travel website People Are Culture (PAC) is seeking interns to create digital print profiles of and interviews with culture creators, stewards and change-makers.

People Are Culture reports on the human condition and different cultures around the world with real personal stories. People Are Culture is an ever-growing anthology that explores the definition of culture, as well as it's meaning and relevance, through the lens of people's personal stories.

Our areas of coverage include: ArchaeologyArchitectureCultural HeritageDanceFestivalsFolk ArtFoodGardens & LandscapesLanguage & LegendsMaritimeMusicSpiritualityTextiles; and Visual Arts.

This is what past interns have had to say about their experience working with PAC.

The internships are unpaid and for-credit. Interns will work 8-20 hours per week under the direction of PAC Founder Meg Pier with the objective of generating new content and raising the visibility of the PAC.

The internships are remote with weekly Zoom meetings. Interns must commit to a specific weekly schedule (i.e., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Monday -Friday). Interns will need to document their time and projects worked on in a shared Google document.

Each week will begin with a meeting with Meg to map out the week’s activities, which will be tracked on a shared Google doc. On days worked, communication with Meg (and potentially other interns) will be frequent. Any missed time must be made up. Time off must be agreed to in advance.

Assignments will include:

  • "Pitching" Meg on people to profile or interview
  • Conducting and editing interviews to conform with PAC style conventions and best SEO practices for review by Meg
  • Securing relevant and compelling photography to illustrate content
  • Learning "backstage" mechanics of posting content on WordPress
  • Getting hands-on experience in optimizing content for search engines
  • Developing promotional campaigns for the content you create

Upon completion of a PAC internship, you will have an impressive digital portfolio of bylines! Apply now!

If this sounds like a dream internship to you, please send a cover letter and resume to