Meet the People Creating Culture in India

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Culture in India

India Culture and Folk Arts Are Catalysts For Transforming Lives

Can the folk art of India empower rural communities? Meet the founder of Banglanatak and learn how he uses crafts to alleviate poverty.  

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Culture in India | Banglanatakdotcom

Interview with Amitava Bhattacharya, Founder of

Can the creative economy empower rural communities? Banglanatak is a social enterprise in India that uses culture to alleviate poverty. Meet its founder!

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Buddhist and Gond Art Forms of Culture in India

Culture in India | Mural Painting Green Tara

New Delhi Photographer & Film-Maker Benoy Behl on the Art of India

New Delhi Photographer and Film Maker Benoy Behl shares his adventures across India in search of history and meaning behind art in India.

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Gond Art

Gond Art and Culture Shared by Painter Vijay Shyam

Gond art of India is an ancient tribal art form that uses bright colors to bring myths, emotions and community values alive!

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Explore Cuisine and Sustainable Fashion of Culture in India

Indian Cuisine

Classic Indian Cuisine Revealed With Personal and Cultural Stories

Indian Cuisine is carefully woven into the country's culture. Every recipe has an exciting story behind it.

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Rupa Trivedi

Rupa Trivedi Shares the Colors of India with Hand-Dyed Fabrics

Learn how colors of India are created by Mumbai entrepreneur who recycles floral offerings from Hindu temples into artisanal, hand-dyed organic fabrics.

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Culture in India | Spotlight on Karnataka

Karnataka is a state in south India known for its warm people and vast culture. Watch and listen to our stories of Karnataka's folk art, history, beliefs, crafts, music, and lifestyle.

Traditions of Karnataka Miracles of Folk Legend Video

Traditions of Karnataka Folk Art Form Video

Traditions of Karnataka Town of Toys Video

Traditions of Karnataka Carnatic Classical Music Video