Meet People Creating the Culture of Spain!

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Explore the Rich Culture of Spain

Planning a trip to Spain and interested in making the culture of Spain the focus of your visit? Read on to meet some of the people creating the culture of Spain!

Culture of Flamenco

Flamenco is universally recognized as being practically synonymous with Spain's indigenous and artistic heritage--it was inscribed on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List in 2010. That said, this form of creative expression is vastly more complex, historically diverse, and fascinating than you could ever imagine from attending just one performance. Let PAC help you do a deep dive into this dimension of Spanish culture!

In Madrid, watch intense rehearsals by aspiring stars at the renowned Amor de Dios Studio. In Seville, believed to be flamenco's birthplace, explore the eclectic early influences on the city and the art form that span Jewish psalmodic melodies, Byzantine and Muslim chants, and ancient Hindu chords. There are so many things to do in Seville to experience authentic Spanish culture, and meeting Spanish people is always at the forefront. Experience the phenomenon of sello proprio with an afternoon browsing flamenco fashion, and be mesmerized by witnessing duende at the iconic Tablao El Arenal. Savor an intimate after-hours performance at the Museum of Flamenco Dance.

Culture of Spain Flamenco in Seville

Flamenco in Seville Embodies Diverse and Alluring Cultural Heritage

Flamenco in Seville is not just a traditional Spanish dance. It is art, an experience, a culture and a way of life. A must-read before you go!

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Culture of Spain Flamenco Madrids Amor de Dios Studio

Flamenco: Madrid’s Amor de Dios Studio

Tour through the history and contemporary practice of Spain’s exuberant flamenco, recognized by UNESCO as an item of intangible cultural heritage.

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Culture of-Spain Victor Bravo

Flamenco Dancer Victor Bravo Share His Passion for Art & Life

Flamenco dancer Victor Bravo of the Flamenco Museum Seville is an artist and cancer survivor whose talent is matched only by his spirit.

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Cultural Legacy of Conflict

To really get a sense of the history of any country, it’s necessary to not only become acquainted with its glamorous cultural manifestations but to also make an effort to understand aspects of its past that have been dramatic but dark. In Asturias, a rugged mountainous region in Spain’s northwest, La Ponte-Ecomuseum offers insights into the impact of Spain’s Civil War and the realm its director calls "marginalized heritage".

Mystery and symbolism are embedded into the culture of Granada. Home to the magical architectural complex Alhambra, this location is just one of the priceless examples of Moorish medieval architecture that still rest in Granada today. What was once a small fortress built by Arabs between 711 and 1492 has transformed into a palace encompassing reflecting pools built during the Nasrid dynasty, as well as the beautiful Generalife gardens built during the 13th century. Granada is also home to the popular University of Granada which has approximately 82,000 students across five campuses within the city.

Culture of Spain Alhambra of Granada Spain

Alhambra of Granada | History and Symbolism Revealed by Insider

The Alhambra of Granada is a spectacular Moorish palace in Spain. Blanca, an insider with a connection to its past, shares its secrets.

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Culture of Spain Jesus Fernández

Cultural Legacy of Spain’s Civil War Inspires Museum Director

The cultural legacy of Spain’s Civil War inspires a museum director’s passion for recovering marginalized heritage. Must-read for culture lovers!

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