Digital Story-telling Campaigns

There is nothing that reaches and draws people in like a good story--one with a plot, and a clear beginning, middle and end. That's true whether you are developing the over-arching story of your destination's brand, or the individual human stories that bring that brand to life.

To connect with potential visitors, your destination needs to present its history, people, culture, and environment as characters in a best-selling epic--all inter-woven for maximum impact, to ensure that memories of a trip are destined to be a classic that is returned to time and again.

Digital storytelling needs to span a variety of different mediums to connect your destination with the full spectrum of potential visitors. Your destination marketing campaign should encompass different storytelling styles, communicated via different formats--such as digital print, video, podcasts and social media. The nature of the "message" should dictate the medium.

Discerning how to approach the distinguishing features of your locality and weave them into "chapters" of a cohesive narrative can seem a monumental task. Let us help you craft your marketing masterpiece!