Faces of Estonia

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Meet the Smiling Faces of the Estonian People! Feel their Irrepressible Spirit!

Meet ‘Faces of Estonia’! Let People are People introduce you to Estonians who welcomed us across the country, from the capital of Tallinn, to the islands of Muhu, Saaremaa and Kihnu, to the port of Parnu, the culture capital of Tartu, the shores of Lake Peipsi, and Seto Kingdom in the southeastern corner. PAC’s slide show is set to the incredibly moving song “Ta Lendab Mesipuu Poole,” sung at Estonia’s XXIVth Song Festival, held every five years and drawing hundreds of thousands. Estonia’s longstanding choral culture inspired their 1991 ‘Singing Revolution’ and break from the Soviet Union. See the faces of the locals and understand just how much music and singing means to this group of people.

Faces of Estonia Video


Seto Leelo Choir of Varska Estonia

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