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365 Days of Inspirational Quotations & Stunning Images from 35+ Countries

"An Uplifting Lens on Life," by Meg Pier, is a 365-day ebook featuring her photographs from 35 countries around the world, captioned by thought-provoking and inspirational quotations from sages of the ages, ranging from Ovid to Oprah. The book is designed to inspire your day with imagery and observations on themes such as attitude; belonging; creativity; culture; mindfulness; nature; and spirituality, among many others.

The photographs featured in the book include poignant and compelling portraits and still lifes, and scenes that span every ecosystem: tropical islands, deserts, jungles, fjords, plains, glaciers, volcanic mountains and coastlines. The pictures convey the beauty of the world we live in, and universal aspects of the human condition.

Those quoted represent a breadth of cultures and spiritual movements; timeless insights are from philosophers, political leaders, writers, comedians, musicians, poets, artists, and others, from the B.C. era to today.

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The book is a PDF formatted to fit your full screen. When you open the PDF, you'll see a sideways arrow in the upper right corner. Click on this and Presto! The photograph and quote can be fully appreciated! To move on the next page, simply hit the "PageDn" button on the bottom right of the keyboard of your device.

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Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Attitude

Inspirational quotations about attitude can be very empowering, as they allow us to recognize that we often have a choice about how we view our circumstances. Not surprisingly, there are many insightful quotes from astute observers of human nature on the topic of attitude. Meg has selected ones she herself has found particularly illuminating and helpful. Her pairings of these with compelling photos are both thought-provoking and motivational.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Attitude

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Belonging

Seeking out inspirational quotations can be a proactive practice that offers a reassuring perspective. Whether you have a sense of gratitude for the relationships and communities you are a part of, or you are struggling to find your place in the world, the quotes and the accompanying images in "An Uplifting Lens" underscore that a sense of belonging is part of being human.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Belonging

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Creativity

Inspirational quotations about creativity are relevant to all of us. Creativity not only requires inspiration, it is a source of inspiration. "An Uplifting Lens" features many images of artists and artisans from around the globe that Meg has met with and interviewed over the past 20+ years for People Are Culture.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Creativity

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Culture

Culture is a rich subject for reflection, as it is all around us and its very purpose is to enable us to connect. "An Uplifting Lens" features inspirational quotations and images about culture that shine a light on universal themes such as festivals, traditions, practices, as well as how culture is manifested in different locales around the world

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Culture

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Mindfulness

A steady intake of inspirational quotations about mindfulness can be hugely helpful in cultivating this important practice. So much of our cares and concerns in life are about the past or the future. Meg's photos that accompany the quotes she's selected bring to life ways to cultivate mindfulness.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Mindfulness

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Nature

There is perhaps no greater source of inspirational quotes than nature. The ways of Mother Earth can amaze us as well as instruct us how the world works. Meg matches inspirational quotes about nature with images that focus on stunning scenery, the seasons, and the cycle of life.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Nature

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Spirituality

Most spiritual practices encourage some kind of meditation and reflection. "An Uplifting Lens" presents inspirational quotations and photographs that can serve as a catalyst for contemplating the divine in daily life.

Inspirational Quotations & Photos About Spirituality

Giving Copies of "An Uplifting Lens" as Gifts

This book is a great gift you can give yourself, as well as a thoughtful and reasonably-priced present for friends and family. At $15 per copy, you could buy one for each member of your circle without breaking the bank!

Similarly, if you have clients who would appreciate a unique holiday remembrance with creativity and substance, "An Uplifting Lens" is meaningful and affordable in quantity.

For every ten copies ordered, you'll receive three free copies. For orders of 100 copies, there is a substantial discount.

If you'd like more than one copy, please email Meg at meg@peopleareculture.com.

Meg's contributions to the contents of this book are copyrighted. It is illegal and bad karma to copy the contents of this book in part or whole.

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Meg's Backstory to "An Uplifting Lens on Life"

In 2007, I experienced a crisis—of identity, of conviction, and of faith. The life I had created for myself no longer had meaning for me, and I was baffled as to why. I had achieved most of what I had aspired to—and yet was unhappy. I was at a crossroads—professionally, personally and spiritually.

Luckily, I had three pastimes that were portals for an examination of my “divine dis-content”: daily inspirational readings, photography, and travel.

I can often wake up in a bad mood, so the practice of reading daily meditation books has turned my attitude around, a day at a time. The “meditation of the day” often presents exactly the message of I am in need, frequently with uncanny accuracy.

I also began a practice of delving into books of quotations and was struck by how human nature does not change over time, that philosophers from the B.C. era nailed insights about how we think, feel, and behave in ways that still ring true today. Over the ages, successive new generations have put their own twist on observations about the nature of man, and the “aha” moments, wit, wisdom, and word play continue.

Photography is a passion for me, one that has grown over time. It allows me to change my perspective, see beauty in the everyday, and “focus” on the moment at hand.

Travel gives me the physical distance to create some mental and emotional space from my circumstances, and thus get some perspective. People I meet and landscapes I encounter elicit epiphanies about myself, others and the divine, giving me a profound feeling of connection.

Back in 2007 during my dark night of the soul, I was inspired to spend hours pairing my favorite images to quotes that I loved. Thus began a daily ritual of play, a missing ingredient in my life at the time.

Ever a “Type A” personality, this endeavor soon evolved into a 365-day book that I self-published in the days before Amazon. I splurged on getting 100 copies made, and over time gave them all away, save one I kept for myself.

Of late, I began feeling the same sense of being adrift as I experienced 16 years ago. Happily, harkening back to my 2007 passage offered a road map on how to recenter myself. I began another immersion in reflection, beauty and everyday wisdom. This book is the result; it includes some of the photo-quote pairings in the original compilation, as well as a huge amount of new material.

This project has been a joy and true labor of love for me. I hope you enjoy it.