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Content Creator & PR/Marketing Internships

Build your digital portfolio by celebrating our unique differences & shared humanity!

Start-up website People Are Culture (PAC) seeks interns to contribute to the site's editorial content and digital PR & marketing. The internships offer the opportunity to get hands-on experience in digital content creation, specifically digital print interviews, video documentary shorts,  human interest stories, and photo essays, as well as to develop branding and social media strategies and campaigns.

PAC features profiles of and interviews with people around the world engaged in creating and preserving culture. Imagine a blend of Humans of New York, National Geographic and People magazine.

The internships are unpaid and for credit. Interns will work a minimum of 20 hours per week under the direction of PAC Founder & Editor Meg Pier.

PAC Internship

The internships are remote with weekly Zoom meetings. Interns must commit to a specific weekly schedule (i.e., 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Monday -Friday). Interns will need to document their time and projects worked on in a shared Google document.

Each week will begin with a meeting with Meg to map out the week’s activities, which will be tracked on a shared Google doc. On days worked, communication with Meg (and potentially other interns) will be frequent. Any missed time must be made up. Time off must be agreed to in advance.

Content Creator Internships

PAC Internship

Assignments will include:

  • "Pitch" Meg on story ideas and hone research and story development skills;
  • Execute pieces assigned by Meg on specific topics, including researching topic, conducting necessary subject matter and keyword research; drafting and revising pieces as appropriate; sourcing images; publishing.
  • Create a minimum of six pieces of content (digital print or video) for publication, earning byline credits for portfolio;
  • Learn "back stage" mechanics of posting content on Word Press and Youtube;
  • Develop optimization skills with training from the web developer and optimize existing posts to achieve higher Google rankings.

Digital PR & Marketing Specialist Internships

PAC Internship

  • Create and execute social media strategies and campaigns promoting PAC’s brand and content
  • Build followings for the site on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, as well as generate page views.
  • Learn to analyze the data available on Google Analytics and recommend marketing strategies based on "performance" of specific content.
  • Seek out potential partnership opportunities with like-minded organizations/companies.
  • Identify potential advertisers and contacts; create media kit; assist with outreach to prospective advertisers.
  • Co-create marketing campaign to launch new story-sharing platform.

Internship Requirements

PAC Internship

PAC seeks interns who are undergraduate seniors or M.A. candidates and interested in story-telling, fostering greater cultural awareness and are enthusiastic, curious, and motivated.

The internships are most suited for but not limited to majors in All Liberal Arts, Philosophy/Ethics, Anthropology, Psychology, History, Creative Writing, Cultural & Ethnic Studies, Radio, Television, Media, Public Relations, Documentary/Film, Digital Communication, Advertising, Journalism, Communication & Media Studies, Game Development, Product Design/Packaging, Photography, Museum Studies, Graphic Design, Art History, and Design & Applied Arts.

No U.S. work authorization required.

About People Are Culture

Website People Are Culture (PAC) celebrates our unique differences and shared humanity. PAC profiles people around the world who are bringing culture to life with moving human interest stories and interviews, compelling photography, and high energy, uplifting videos. PAC is for people who read, think and have a desire to connect in a meaningful way with local cultures around the world.

PAC provides a unique perspective, presenting stories of how culture is created and shared. Through interviews and profiles, you'll meet indigenous artisans, pioneering activists and innovators, dedicated preservationists, spiritual seekers, global visionaries and a host of others, who each relate their inspiration, process, techniques, and heritage. You'll also learn about their personal epiphanies, challenges, breakthroughs, and hopes for the future--for at the heart of all culture is our shared human condition.

Contact Information

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Meg Pier at [email protected]


My relationship with Meg goes all the way back to 2004. As a Northeastern University student, she hired me for a PR intern position at Eaton Vance Corp. Here, I gained meaningful, hands on experience working with top tier media, writing press releases and other documents, event planning and so much more. Without this experience, I would not be where I am today – now managing global PR for a multi-billion dollar biotech company.

Over the years, I have served as a PR consultant for Meg to help drive awareness to her websites that showcase her passion for travel, culture and telling stories you won’t find anyplace else.

I wholly recommend pursuing an internship with Meg if you have the opportunity. Experiencing this first-hand, you will learn valuable skills you won’t find in the classroom that will be fruitful in your career path.

~Chet, Public Relations Manager, U.S.

Few people have the opportunity to work with a supervisor so supportive yet determined to teach them valuable skills. I am so fortunate that I have been able to work with Meg these past few months through a semester-long internship and now as a freelancer. Meg is one of the most dedicated people I know, as she is constantly producing content for her websites and is always trying to improve them. Her excitement about new ideas is contagious, and I'm extremely proud of the progress we have made together. Through my work with her, I have been able to add multiple new skills to my resume and content for my portfolio, which will help me in the future. I truly feel prepared to take on the professional workforce after this experience! My editorial writing skills have greatly improved and I am now knowledgable about Search Engine Optimization! Meg is an amazing supervisor; she is always understanding yet motivating and only wants the best for the people she works with. She is also an amazing travel writer and content creator! I highly recommend Meg for ANYTHING... whether it's working for her or with her, she is an amazing person to know!

~Hannah, B.A. candidate, Endicott College, U.S.

I really appreciate the journey with Meg this summer. Meg was so supportive with every idea I came up, and helped me navigate social media, guided me through the collaboration with other accounts or org. She had so many creative ideas in her mind and it motivated me to do more and learn more. It was an amazing time for me in those few months, that I not only gained skills and experience but also learned so much about cultures. I saw Meg’s passion for culture and people around the world, and admire her beautiful writing. Thank you so much Meg!

~Ela, M.A. candidate, B.U., U.S.

Working for Meg was a pleasure for me. She is very creative, communicative and energetic, so it was easy for me to feel at ease when discussing my tasks and I felt completely involved in the projects and goals she set for "People Are Culture". What I loved about working for Meg, was the continuous flowing of ideas coming up and the support she showed me all the time. Working with her was a great opportunity for me as a tourism student and a passionate storyteller and traveller because I learned a lot about community-based tourism and how to create inspiring and engaging online content. Meg has a lot to teach to younger generations like mine thanks to her experience, her kindness and her ability to always keep a positive mind.

~Francesca, M.A. candidate, University of Bergamo, Italy

Meg is wonderful to work with. We collaborated on a project during which I had an opportunity to develop my digital storytelling skills and to get experience creating destination marketing videos. Meg shared her expertise in this field which I am truly grateful for! I was impressed by her enthusiasm, dedication, kindness. Simply, it was my pleasure to have Meg as a senior. Thank you, Meg! I look forward to collaborating with you on our next project!

Andela, M.A. candidate, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Company Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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