Here's What People Say About Working with Meg

Meg worked with me as head of Public Relations when I was CEO of Eaton Vance Corp. Simply put, she was a great person to work with and she did a fabulous job. Eaton Vance had no real PR effort when Meg joined the firm, and I was skeptical that PR was a valuable activity. She changed my mind in short order. She helped put Eaton Vance “on the map”, and I have no doubt that a considerable measure of our success as a public company came for our heightened profile with journalists and investors through Meg’s efforts.

Meg is a bulldog when it comes to dealing with journalists. She will not accept anything in print that isn’t accurate – she will hound the writer until he gets it right. She also demanded that we get it right – our public statements had to be 100% accurate and supported by evidence and facts.

In short, Meg is a dedicated PR professional with high ethical standards who did a great job for Eaton Vance. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

~ Jim Hawkes
Retired CEO – Eaton Vance Corp

Meg was a great partner in getting out the word on Scudder to the press. It was during a difficult time in the company’s history that she was in charge of PR for the business I oversaw. She did a remarkable job managing the press and garnering excellent coverage for us.

~ Mark Casady
Chairman & CEO at LPL Financial

Absolutely fantastic public relations director. She was a driving factor in taking our firm from a relatively low level of public awareness to a well-known name in the asset management industry. She did it with her intellect, professionalism, persistance, and grace, and she did it with a very, very small budget.

~Michael Weilheimer
Portfolio Manager, Director of High Yield Investments at Eaton Vance Management

I’ve known a lot of public relations professionals, but I believe Meg is one of the savviest and most creative publicists in the business. She is sensible, practical and brings years of front-line experience to the big and small tasks. She’s a consummate pro, able to figure out the ‘story’ in any situation and make it appealing to the media. Her network of contacts in the media is immense and she is very well respected. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

~ Mary Conway
Principal, Conway Communication

Meg Pier is a superb public relations professional. As Director of Public Relations at Eaton Vance, she focused on building brand identity. She started Eaton Vance’s public relations effort and played a key role in significantly heightening the company’s visibility with the financial press and within the industry. Her strong work ethic and her reputation for excellence and ethical behavior helped her to achieve this success. Meg scored several features for Eaton Vance in Barron’s Mutual Funds, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other leading investment newspapers and magazines.

Meg works with passion and enthusiasm. She listens intently and follows through. She writes extremely well and has developed a tremendous skill doing interviews with thought leaders which can be found on her website, I highly recommend Meg. She is indeed without peer.

~ Judith Saryan
Project Manager at AIWA

Meg Pier is a consummate PR professional with strong media relationships nurtured over time and an instinctive understanding of media needs. She is an enthusiastic idea-generator with an infectious sense of fun. A creative writer and careful editor, Meg encourages a similar level of work from those she hires and gives full credit where it’s due.

~ Denise Robbi-Arena
Media Relations Consultant and Freelance Writer

Meg Pier is a credible, effective public relations professional who excels at building relationships with the media. When she was at Eaton Vance, she had lots of good story ideas. She was also a great source of fresh, timely observations about the business and where it was headed.

~ Francine Schwadel
Associate Director-Editor of publications at Ernst & Young

Meg Pier is a first-rate communications professional. I dealt with Meg for more than a decade as a member of the financial press in Boston. She understands the constraints reporters work under and has won the respect of many by getting the source they need to the phone by deadline. Her story pitches are well-considered. She’s a tireless networker who knows her “beat” and protects her clients well. Though affable and engaging, she’s polished and cool under pressure. She’d be an asset to any organization.

~ Kathie O’Donnell
VP and Principal at CDL

Meg understands reporters — their story needs, their deadlines, and the information they need to have whether in a crisis situation or in a daily news story. That’s unique and is one reason why when I was Boston Bureau Chief for Bloomberg, my reporters and I always found her to be one of the stand-outs among PR professionals.

~ Christine Overholt Dunn
President and Founder at ArcPoint Strategic Communications

I had the great fortune to be Meg’s colleague and often understudy, at one of those formative points in my career as a communicator. Passion, perseverance, perspective and professionalism are met in one with Meg. Her ability to see forest and trees and to assess those parts and whole from the perspective of each audience need is second to none. She sees the stories that people need to hear and can bring these to life in words and form. She is a compelling communicator and counselor with strong conviction and more importantly strong sense. I have always been grateful for what she taught me, most of which she would never want or take any credit for. This is who she is. In addition, I’ve only occasionally met someone whose life outside of work is truly, equally balanced with the richness, passion and perspective that they bring to their profession. As a colleague and friend, she’s always been giving, honest and supportive. Her skills as influential writer, thoughtful advisor, keen listener and sage strategist are well-leveraged by anyone who needs to be truly in touch with their community, whomever the community.

~ John Stevens
Head of Content | Editor-in-Chief, Corporate Marketing

Meg has a distinct talent in the public relations and communications field. She is the best in the business and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work for her. The ability to thoughtfully assess story ideas and communicate them to the media comes naturally to her. Any company would be lucky to have her as part of a communications team.

~ Jeaneen Terrio
Head of US Media Relations and Internal Communications at Invesco & Glb Head Media Relations, Invesco PowerShares

Meg visited the city of Ponce in the southern coast of Puerto Rico looking for our traditional craftsmen and their work. We introduced her to our saints carvers and mask makers. She had excellent rapport with our beloved artisans and she was one of the last people to document the work of matriarch Santia Orta who saddly passed away shortly after the interview. She was courteous with the people she interviewed and she was able to make them open up to her with detailed anecdotes and memories. Working with her was a real pleasure and we can’t wait to welcome her again in Ponce real soon.

~ Carmen “Carmucha” Martinez Aja
Director of Protocol at Municipio de Ponce

I have worked with Meg Pier on her Scotland travel assignments.

She listens intently and has an ability to engage and connect with many people, drawing out meaningful insights and often deeply
personal experiences. She has a genuine curiosity about a country’s history, culture, character and landscapes. She is very widely travelled and open to experiences.

She has a great appreciation for big picture and a great eye for spotting compelling colorful details – especially in her photography.

She demonstrates great commitment to accuracy in all her writing. She has the ability to effectively convey both the essence and nuances of a place – both through her writing and her passion for photography.

~ Johanna Campbell
Scottish tourism marketing & PR support specialists.
Copywriters & editors. Expert Scottish tour planners & driver-guides

Meg Pier is a talented writer and editor who transforms corporate communications into clear, interesting, and highly effective messages. Her editorial skills are next to none. She works in a collaborative spirit and delivers far more than expected. She is a valuable resource and partner to any organization seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their communications with their clients and prospects.

~ V. Henry Astarjian, MBA
Investment Advisor to Individuals and Families

Meg was highly recommended to me by a fellow communications professional as someone who is a quick study and a strong writer. Based on my experience working with Meg, I wholeheartedly agree and also highly recommend her work. Meg is able to produce compelling and beautifully crafted articles with minimal oversight, regardless of how exciting or mundane, technical or or obscure the subject matter. Meg is reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with.

~ Jane Meehan Lanzillo
Owner, Gemini Communications

Meg’s creative world is a portal to the possibilities that exist for each one of us to explore the world with wonder and delight. She is a gifted writer and photographer with an impeccable sense of design and the warmest heart that is imbued in her work.

~ Lisa Cypers Kamen
Positive Psychology & Integrated Wellness Coaching

As managing editor of, the travel website of CBS Travel News Editor Peter Greenberg, I began featuring Meg’s “Peer to Pier” interviews several months ago, and have consistently been impressed by her in-depth interview and writing skills.

Meg has a knack for choosing interesting and impressive subjects who reflect the various facets being an authentic traveler. She gets to the heart of their inspiration in an easy, engaging manner through a series of well-researched and insightful questions.

She is a traveler in the truest sense of the word, traveling the world and seeking out experiences that get her closer to the local culture. As a result, we brought her on to write travel features in addition to Q&As.

Meg is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing more from her.

~ Sarika Chawla
Senior Account Executive at Myriad Travel Marketing