Nigerian Culture Maven Shares Take on Diversity, History and Identity

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Nigerian Culture Interpreted by Nigerian Journalist, Poet and Filmmaker

Nigerian culture is second nature to Wana Udobang, a Nigeria-based freelance journalist, poet and documentary filmmaker. She works at the intersection of women’s rights, social justice, climate change, culture and the arts. She has worked with the BBC Radio4,  BBC World Service, Inspiration FM, The Guardian, among other media outlets.

In 2016 Wana was long listed for the One World Media award in the Women’s Rights in Africa award category. She has received the International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellowship, IWMF Great Lakes Reporting Fellowship, and the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellowship in Cultural Journalism. Her astounding work as a poet has been featured at the British Library’s Word, Symbol and Song exhibition.

In 2020, Wana became one of only 35 Nigerian literary figures to have participated in the International Writing Program Fall Residency at the University of Iowa, a special writing program that has helped more than 1,500 writers from 150 different countries connect with other writers across the globe. Residents stay from August to November, given an ample amount of time to produce more literary work. Wana was undoubtedly meant for this program, as she has been described as “one of the biggest champions of our new spoken word renaissance is taking a leap into the void.”

Wana’s poetry albums “Dirty Laundry” (2013) and “In Memory of Forgetting” (2017) explore trauma, womanhood, love and self-renewal. Wana’s documentary works include Sensitive SkinNylon, which is a short documentary on grief, and the video series Warriors, which explores the lives of people with sickle cell disease. She is the creator of the interview series Culture Diaries, which features conversations with prominent players in the African art and culture scene.

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