Prehistoric Art Deep Dive: Podcast on Art-Making, Connectivity & Diversity

| Published: | Last Updated: April 22, 2022 |

Prehistoric Art is Documented and Championed by Bradshaw Foundation

Prehistoric art is able to be explored from your armchair, thanks to the online learning resource, the Bradshaw Foundation. In this People Are Culture podcast episode, we talk with Editor Peter Lyell Robinson, who focuses on archaeology, anthropology and genetic research.

The Bradshaw Foundation’s primary objective is to discover, document and preserve ancient rock art around the world and promote the study of early mankind’s artistic achievements. The Foundation funds preservation projects around the world, scientific research and research publication. To ensure progress achieves maximum impact, Peter works in collaboration with organizations like UNESCO, the Royal Geographic Society, the National Geographic Society, the Rock Art Research Institute in South Africa and the Trust for African Rock Art. The Bradshaw Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Geneva.

The Foundation recognizes the inability most people have to see for themselves the most beautiful rock art of the world. Some of the most fascinating cave paintings are located in climates that deter and hinder visits for the average person. However, the Bradshaw Foundation is dedicated to accessing these mysterious locations and sharing with the world. The website serves as a digital archive where people can see and hear about prehistoric art in ways they never would have before. For the last 25 years, the Bradshaw Foundation has been working to preserve the ancient rock art of the world.

The Bradshaw Foundation was co-founded by Peter’s late father John Robinson, who was a sculptor, as is Peter. In this interview, Peter shares the history of the Bradshaw Foundation, and insight and observations about rock art generally, as well as an overview of the incredible artistry at sites such as Chauvet Cave, the Bradshaw paintings in Kimberly region of Australia for which the Foundation is named, as well as the world’s oldest rock art in Africa. In the course of our conversation, Peter touches on universal themes of art-making, connectivity, diversity, finding balance, and life as a continuum. Enjoy!

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