Power of Place: San Gimignano

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The Power of Place: Tuscany’s San Gimignano and Local Cledy Tancredi’s Story

Certain places are imbued with palpable power that we can physically feel. That power can arise from a spectacular natural landscape. That power can also radiate from golden ancient architecture, a legacy of myriad men who, over several centuries, set hundreds of thousands of hand-made bricks into place, one by one. San Gimignano in Tuscany has this power.

The power of a place draws people to it–crusaders, pilgrims, merchants, tradesmen, and artisans. In Medieval times, San Gimignano was on the Via Francigena, an important pilgrimage route. Perhaps in a bit of destiny, one of those pilgrims brought with them something that would enhance San Gimignano’s power of place for centuries to come: saffron.

Cledy Tancredi is someone who destiny brought to San Gimignano, where she developed a powerful connection with its saffron, and its history.

San Gimignano Video


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