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Seeking a small country to explore that is rich in cultural traditions? Slovenia may not be yet be a household name as far as must-see destinations, but it is an important cultural crossroad located at the heart of Europe, and BCD recommends it as multi-faceted gem to explore the rich Slovenian culture! Here’s our overview of the best experiences of Slovenian culture, followed by a collection of articles and interviews on places to go and people to meet! You’ll want to visit Slovenia in no time!

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Plan a trip to visit Slovenia, with a diverse landscape ranges from the Julian Alps to the Soca Valley and Adriatic Sea, the country has many long-standing cultural traditions that are tied to its landscape. Beekeeping occupies a special place in Slovenia’s economy as one of its oldest traditional crafts and is deep rooted in Slovenian Culture In fact, before Slovenia became an independent country in 1918, it was considered a part of Austria and called “Carniola” after the indigenous Carnolian bee.

Slovenia’s Adriatic coastline may only be 28 miles long, but this stretch of the Istrian Peninsula is awash in deeply-held customs associated with the sea, with centuries-old traditions that included sea salt harvesting and thalassotherapy.

Lipizzaner stallions are considered an emblem of Slovenian identity–a pair of the horses is featured on the 20-cent Slovenian euro coins. In a 1996 law, Lipica Stud Farm was declared a cultural monument of outstanding importance for the Republic of Slovenia. With a tradition of over 400 years, Lipizzaner is the oldest stud farm in the world, breeding horses without interruption since its establishment. The history of Lipica is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs who ruled 650 years over an extensive part of baroque Europe, including what is now Slovenia.

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