Spiritual Travel

A desire to connect with the Divine is a part of the human experience–and how we make that connection personally is our spiritual practice; how we access something larger than ourselves as a collective creates a culture. The ways in which the world’s faiths and spiritual movements are enacted is often a window into a country or region’s culture and history–as well as a thread that ties together far-flung places. And common to many religions are sacred sites of deep cultural heritage, places that inspire journeys of pilgrimage.

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This collection of stories tells of Spiritual Practices from around the world – from Slovenia to New Orleans, to Ireland to India, we follow those who undertake inner and outer Pilgrimages in their quest for learning. These stories are not merely about spiritual tourism or religious tourism, but rather inspirational tales of the journey to enlightenment and connection to a place of profound cultural meaning.

In this series we uncover the secrets of Mayan healing and Energy; take a look at what a Pilgrimage really is; explore Celtic mythology; and examine the universal human longings and principles that unite different faiths of the world…as well as what divides us.

We hope that these stories of transformation inspire you, as much as they have us in the process of sharing them.

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