The Burren (Video)

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Discovering the Burren, Ireland

The Burren is one of Ireland’s most beautiful destinations, get a flavor of the spectacular scenery that awaits in this video! Located in Clare and Galway counties on the west coast of Ireland, the Burren embodies “the power of place” as defined by BCD, possessing substance and spirit, and manifesting expression and connection.

The Burren is 720 square kilometers of limestone landscape, which has been home to farming communities for six millennia. These inhabitants have left a rich archaeological legacy of Neolithic dolmans, portal tombs, ring forts, tar houses and Medieval churches.

Despite its deceivingly barren appearance, the Burren is very much a living landscape, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Take a meander through the Burren, and feel its mysteries and charms!

The Burren Video


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