Travel Consultations

Feeling overwhelmed by all the possible places to explore in the world?

Looking for a fresh perspective on emerging destinations?

Need help matching your particular cultural interests with a destination that has related experiences to offer?

Seeking to connect with local artisans & other cultural standard-bearers?

Then reach out to arrange a consultation with Meg Pier, and let her propose trip ideas and facilitate cultural connections for your next trip.

If you found your way to this page, it means you are an experiential traveler, and want to connect with the authentic local culture of your next destination.

Are you a textile lover and want suggestions of cultures with an active & rich tradition in this art form? A folk art aficionado eager to meet people preserving or creating a local tradition? A fan of deep dives into indigenous cuisines? Have an affinity for a certain period of archaeology? An enthusiast about maritime culture? Pilgrimage routes?

Going to Oaxaca and want to meet a Zapotec weaver? Travelling to Scotland and want a tour of a castle from a clan chief? Planning to be in Malta and want an archaeologist's interpretation of historic sites? Thinking of visiting Trinidad during Divali? Keen to learn about Mayan medicinal practices in Belize?

Meg Pier is not a travel agent or tour operator. She is not going to book your flight, find you a hotel, or recommend an itinerary. But after 15 years of writing about cultural heritage and traditions around the world for publications such as The Boston Globe and Huffington Post, she can be your "cultural concierge" and introduce you to people bringing culture to life at your next destination.

Meg is a proponent of experiential travel. Experiential means walking in the shoes of another, and getting a glimpse of life through their eyes. It also means responding—intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically—to the sensations elicited by an encounter with living, breathing culture. Such exchanges mean a connection has been made, our lives have been enriched, and we take away a little something of that culture, which will remain with us always.

One of the simplest definitions of culture is a "way of life." Perhaps, like Meg, you believe the world can be a better place if there is greater understanding of the beauty in both our differences and our similarities.