If language is a cultural construct that allows we humans to process and communicate ideas and thoughts, then music is the medium that enables us to share our hearts and souls with each other. In fact, one school of thought about the emergence of music is that it helps humans coordinate their emotions! The origins of music are a mystery, as it pre-dates history, but its a safe bet that the earliest music served as a means of bonding for the same people who painted hunting scenes on the walls of caves, and began to bury their dead. And to this day, music serves as a sound track to almost all of our life passages, from lullabies to dirges, and accompanies activities ranging from football games to weddings, coronations and military funerals. While music we’ve never heard before can evoke a visceral response, the music that is most meaningful to us is that which conjures associations, memories, nostalgia, longings, patriotism…and a sense of belonging. Whatever our cultural background, and wherever our home, chances are there is music that can bring us there. discovering the music of other people is a profound way to connect with the essence of what others hold dear.