About People Are Culture

Meg Pier is the founder, editor and publisher of People Are Culture (PAC), a website that explores the meaning and relevance of culture through in-depth interviews, feature stories and travel guides.

PAC provides a unique perspective, presenting stories of how culture is created and shared--by allowing people to tell their own stories in their own voices. Through interviews and profiles, you'll meet indigenous artisans, pioneering activists and innovators, dedicated preservationists, spiritual seekers, global visionaries and a host of others, who each relate their inspiration, process, techniques, and heritage. You'll also learn about their personal epiphanies, challenges, breakthroughs, and hopes for the future--for at the heart of all culture is our shared human condition.

Meg personally produces the vast majority of the site's content and also works with interns to develop pieces, and on rare occasions commissions freelance writers whose work carries their byline.

Meg began her career in the News department of US News & World Report in Washington, D.C. and subsequently led communications departments at two leading U.S. financial institutions and two Wall Street investment management firms between 1986 - 2007, directing media relations and serving as chief spokesperson with the press.

Meg's ability to grasp and effectively and accurately communicate the essence of identity and purpose has been recognized with numerous awards. She is the recipient of a PR Week Award for Small Corporate Communications Team of the Year and was named one of five finalists for PR Professional of the Year; New England Publicity Club's First Place Bell Ringer Award for public affairs campaign and two organizational identity campaign awards; and the Bulldog Bronze Award for product/company positioning.

What is Culture ebook
What is Culture? Why Does It Matter ebook

Meg has expertise in writing, editing, and interviewing. She was a regular contributor to the Travel section of The Boston Globe from 2003 - 2012, owned then by The New York Times, and The Huffington Post from 2007 - 2017. She has an extensive portfolio of bylines about the arts, culture and travel for U.S. publications, including Art New England and Provincetown Arts, as well as Ensemble Travel, an organization of top tier travel agencies. Meg is the author of "What is Culture? Why Does It Matter", a compilation of 15 interviews that originally appeared on PAC. She has ghostwritten four book-length memoirs for private clients.

Meg is a creative change-maker and digital entrepreneur who also publishes the Flip the Lens (FTL) Youtube channel. FTL features user-generated videos about the world's cultures and our human condition. Meg was a member of the invitation-only Google+ Create program, a global network of top creators.

Meg mentors emerging creative professionals through the People Are Culture and Flip the Lens internship program, which has hosted undergraduate and graduate students from Boston University and Endicott College in Massachusetts; Hult International Business School in Cambridge, London, Dubai and Shanghai; Richmond University in London; The Università Della Svizzera Italiana Master's in Tourism program in Lugano Switzerland; The National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Hyderabad, India.

Meg Pier

Since its launch in April 2020, as of January 2022, PAC has been visited by readers from more than 180 countries; the majority of whom are in the U.S. (56%); U.K. (11%); Canada (4.5%) Australia (2.5%); and India (2.1%). Readership is fairly evenly distributed between all age categories, with roughly 12% of readers ages 18 - 24; 16% ages 25 - 34; 18% ages 35-44; 15% ages 45 - 54; 20% ages 55 - 64; and 16% ages 65+ years. Visitors are 64% female and 36% are male. PAC's readership is growing at a monthly rate of approximately 20%.

Meg welcomes long-term collaborations with like-minded organizations and can be reached at meg@peopleareculture.com.

People Are Culture does not conduct product reviews, does not accept guest posts and does not present paid advertising as editorial content.

What People Say About Working with Meg

"I have known Meg Pier for several years and have the highest regard for her, her abilities, and her work with People Are Culture. One of Meg’s greatest achievements and strengths is demonstrating the intimate connection between people and culture – all people and all cultures – as she has illustrated so brilliantly through her conviction that every person has a “cultural story” to tell as confirmed by all the marvellous stories from people all over the world on her People Are Culture website. Not only do these stories convey an incredible amount about the nature of people’s cultural lives and experiences, but also they are presented with the utmost professionalism, commitment, and dedication. In doing so, and doing with all the expertise of a successful story-teller, I believe Meg's work in this area will grow steadily in importance, popularity, and value in the years and decades ahead, thereby creating a constructive link not only between people and culture, but also the role that culture and cultures can play in bringing more peace, understanding, awareness, compassion, and humanity into the world."

D. Paul Schafer
World Culture Project
Markham, Canada

"In her book What is Culture? Meg Pier has interviewed fifteen individuals who have acted as key agents of culture in their local, regional, national and international communities. The people who through their work, writings, actions and manners are safeguarding and protecting cultural practices ranging from rituals, interpretation, retrenchment and the recurring, integral theme of identity. All of these resonate with an authentic, unique voice of the individual, while tapping into the essence of why culture matters in maintaining our sense of humanity and dignity.

Each chapter tells stories that weave the fabric of cultural meaning from an original perspective. Meg thoughtfully draws these out through her well-articulated questions and the key to a good interview: she actually listens and provides the opportunity for people to provide fully-formed opinions and flow without interruption.

I am grateful that my understanding and appreciation of culture has been greatly enhanced thanks to Meg's work, and it gives me a better sense of appreciation now about a place's meaning and reason for existence behind the physical structures and natural environments where people live and work."

Fergus T. Maclaren,
President of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee

"Meg visited the city of Ponce in the southern coast of Puerto Rico looking for our traditional craftsmen and their work. We introduced her to our saints carvers and mask makers. She had excellent rapport with our beloved artisans and she was one of the last people to document the work of matriarch Santia Orta who saddly passed away shortly after the interview. She was courteous with the people she interviewed and she was able to make them open up to her with detailed anecdotes and memories. Working with her was a real pleasure and we can’t wait to welcome her again in Ponce real soon."

Carmen “Carmucha” Martinez Aja
Director of Protocol at Municipio de Ponce

"I have worked with Meg Pier on her Scotland travel assignments.

She listens intently and has an ability to engage and connect with many people, drawing out meaningful insights and often deeply
personal experiences. She has a genuine curiosity about a country’s history, culture, character and landscapes. She is very widely travelled and open to experiences.

She has a great appreciation for big picture and a great eye for spotting compelling colorful details – especially in her photography.

She demonstrates great commitment to accuracy in all her writing. She has the ability to effectively convey both the essence and nuances of a place – both through her writing and her passion for photography."

Johanna Campbell
Scottish tourism marketing & PR support specialist

"As managing editor of PeterGreenberg.com, the travel website of CBS Travel News Editor Peter Greenberg, I began featuring Meg’s “Peer to Pier” interviews several months ago, and have consistently been impressed by her in-depth interview and writing skills.

Meg has a knack for choosing interesting and impressive subjects who reflect the various facets being an authentic traveler. She gets to the heart of their inspiration in an easy, engaging manner through a series of well-researched and insightful questions.

She is a traveler in the truest sense of the word, traveling the world and seeking out experiences that get her closer to the local culture. As a result, we brought her on to write travel features in addition to Q&As.

Meg is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing more from her."

Sarika Chawla
Manager, Narrative Content & Strategy at MMGY Global

"As a destination media representative I have enjoyed the satisfaction of collaborating with highly-productive journalist Meg Pier in both print and online media. She is efficient in requesting and utilizing information provided. She delves deep into the destination, its nuances, and specific topics she covers with enthusiasm, insight and accuracy. For example, her expert and delightful articles on the esoteric performing arts of flamenco and its luminaries are valuable to travel marketers and to her readers."

Frank Shiell
Principal at Frank Shiell Communications

"I have worked with Meg Pier on her travel assignment in Slovenia.

I know her as one of the most curious travel writers, with a great interest in our country and traditions. It was a pleasure to work with her and help her find unique stories and individuals in Slovenia. I loved her stories!"

Masa Puklavec
Global Communications Manager @ Slovenian Tourist Board

"Meg visited Estonia some years ago as a travel writer and the result of that trip was a long long list of great articles. These were not the "typical" ones which state how nice country Estonia is. Instead, Meg finds the unique, interesting angles for her stories and really does her homework very well.
She is definitely someone with a point of view and experience on cultural tourism. Her style and ability to connect with people results in editorial content that is compelling in a very unique way."

Kristiina Kästik,
B2B Teamlead at Visit Estonia

"My internship at PAC is giving me a chance to create my own content. To show the place and culture I love in a way that is dear to me. This is special because I am working both individually as well as with a team. I'm part of a very enthusiastic team which under the supervision of Meg has been really productive. There are always new ideas to work on and all thoughts are welcomed. Its certainly a healthy environment that is absolutely perfect for encouraging creativity. Apart from content creation, Marketing is an area that I am acquiring industry knowledge on. The best part is that Meg is open to experimentation and in this way we are always trying new things. Until now, I've gained my grip on social media posting on all platforms, video editing and interviewing. In addition to this, understanding the analytics of YouTube and measuring social media performance is another skill that I developed. I am curious to learn more in other areas".

Mahima Gopal
Content creator and marketing intern at PeopleAreCulture
USI Università della Svizzera Italiana - Master in International Tourism

"PAC internship gave me the opportunity to cover three different fields at once: content creation, public relations, and marketing. Moreover, I am experiencing how it is to work autonomously through a destination marketing project, as well as to work on a team for different tasks. The experience you acquire from this internship is very varied, which will definitely help me in the future when looking for a job!"

Aida Gonzalez Fraga
Content creator and marketing intern at PeopleAreCulture
USI Università della Svizzera Italiana - Master in International Tourism

"My experience at "People Are Culture" was just great. Being part of a team really allows you to learn what cooperation is. Individually, I had the opportunity to gain experience in the field of content creation by interviewing people, creating a digital marketing campaign, and fine-tuning my video editing skills. Also, I've acquired a broad knowledge on YouTube platform's analytics as well as WordPress and SEO. As a team, my colleagues and I created a social media campaign and I've learned how to analyze social media performance. All of this was possible because of Meg: a great supervisor always ready to help you and open to a lot of new ideas and experimentation."

Michele Francesco Tagliabue
Content creator and marketing intern at People Are Culture
USI Università della Svizzera Italiana - Master in International Tourism

"Few people have the opportunity to work with a supervisor so supportive yet determined to teach them valuable skills. I am so fortunate that I have been able to work with Meg these past few months through a semester-long internship and now as a freelancer. Through my work with her, I have been able to add multiple new skills to my resume and content for my portfolio, which will help me in the future. I truly feel prepared to take on the professional workforce after this experience! My editorial writing skills have greatly improved, and I am now knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization! Meg is an amazing supervisor; she is always understanding yet motivating and only wants the best for the people she works with".

Hannah Haslam
Communications intern at PeopleAreCulture
Endicott College - Bachelor's degree, Communications

"Working for Meg was a pleasure for me. She is very creative, communicative and energetic, so it was easy for me to feel at ease when discussing my tasks and I felt completely involved in the projects and goals she set for "People Are Culture". What I loved about working for Meg, was the continuous flowing of ideas coming up and the support she showed me all the time. Working with her was a great opportunity for me as a tourism student and a passionate storyteller and traveller because I learned a lot about community-based tourism and how to create inspiring and engaging online content. Meg has a lot to teach to younger generations like mine thanks to her experience, her kindness and her ability to always keep a positive mind."

Francesca Lamantea
Product Design Consultant at PeopleAreCulture
University of Bergamo - Master in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems

"I really appreciate the journey with Meg this summer. Meg was so supportive with every idea I came up, and helped me navigate social media, guided me through the collaboration with other accounts or org. She had so many creative ideas in her mind and it motivated me to do more and learn more. It was an amazing time for me in those a few months, that I not only gained skills and experience, but also learned so much about cultures. I saw Meg’s passion for culture and people around the world, and admire her beautiful writing".

Ela Wang
Public Relations intern at PeopleAreCulture
Boston University - Master's degree in Public Relations

"As one of the first PAC interns, I’ve had the privilege of seeing how much PAC has grown over the years. In that time, I’ve developed skills in web design, video editing, and graphic design. Media production is my area of interest so these skills prepared me for my career by exposing me to various software. I’ve also had the opportunity to liaise with cultural agencies and important people in the industry which has vastly improved my communication skills."

Abigail Haskell
Content Creation & Marketing Intern at PeopleAreCulture
Richmond University in London