Cultural Changemakers Share Their Inspirations and Successes

Updated on October 13, 2023 by Meg

World Visionaries

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What is culture? It's a vast and finely shaded idea that covers a plethora of diverse expressions. Undoubtedly, any all-encompassing definition of culture would be inadequate without incorporating changemakers.

Meet some of the world's cultural changemakers through our series of interviews with visionaries who are changing the world. Tap into their imagination and wisdom, and expand your own cultural consciousness.

Culture encompasses the past, the present and the future. Culture includes heritage and tradition, as well as creativity and innovation. To endure, be sustainable, and remain relevant, culture is dynamic and ever-changing. Around the globe, there are people in all walks of life who are making vital contributions on how to preserve, expand and share our cultural resources. We invite you to meet some of these visionaries, tap into their imagination and wisdom, and expand your own cultural consciousness.

From UN heads to inspirational founders and entrepreneurs, this series of articles gets to the bottom of what is important in culture. BCD’s World Visionaries collection includes interviews with leaders from around the world; leaders in sustainability, and many more inspiring figures who share their stories of success and inspiration (as well as some of their darker moments) with us. Some are leaders in cultural heritage preservation, eco-tourism, others are groundbreaking museum curators and educators; some have created “accidental” revolutions. What they all have in common are the qualities of leadership and a story to share about their journey. Although these figures might seem quite separate, they are all connected by the shared challenge of making a difference in a world that is as complex as it is fast-changing.

We hope that these stories inspire you as much as they have us in the never-ending quest to be our highest selves.