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Looking for a way to bring to life the different cultures around the world? People Are Culture shares insights we've learned from cultural stewards, indigenous artisans, pioneering activists and innovators, and dedicated preservationists. We present personal stories and interviews that reveal the backstories of meaningful and fascinating heritage and traditions.

We offer in-depth reporting that reveals the history and character of places with personal accounts from local people, many of whom are cultural standard-bearers, artisans and changemakers. We give you actual insights of people on their own culture that is unique and cannot be created by AI.

In each piece, people share powerful insights about their heritage, while also revealing their own transformational life lessons and spiritual practices, world-changing ideas, dramatic adventures, and hard-won wisdom.

Different Cultures in Europe

With the Arctic Ocean to its north, the Atlantic Ocean to its west, and the Mediterranean Sea to its south, Europe is the second-smallest continent in terms of land size but has the third-most people. There are 44 countries on the continent, each with a unique history, a diverse range of cultures, and a wide variety of different people.

Europe has a wide variety of stunning countries to explore especially for culture lovers. European culture is incredibly diverse and rich, reflecting the many different languages, traditions, and customs of the continent's people.

In our collection of more than 50 interviews and feature stories on the culture of Europe, we bring to life the history and cross-cultural influences that have shaped some of the world's most distinctive traditions and practices, ranging from Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland in the U.K., to Slovenia in Central Europe.

We also delve into the lifestyles of the Mediterranean with pieces that explore Croatia, Cyprus, France, and Malta.

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Cornwall England

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Croatia

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Cyprus

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Estonia

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | France

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Ireland

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Italy

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Portuguese Islands

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Malta

Best Countries to Visit for Culture Lovers | Scandinavia

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Different Cultures in North America

North America is the third-largest continent in terms of land area, after Asia and Africa, and the fourth-largest in terms of people, after Asia, Africa, and Europe. The continent is home to 23 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and different island nations in the Caribbean and Central America.

It is known for its varied geography, including vast forests, deserts, mountains, plains, and coasts. But what it is also known for is its many different languages, traditions, and customs spread across the continent. Native American cultures, European colonialism, African American heritage, and immigrant traditions all have had impacts on North America. The region is a delight for culture lovers to discover a broad variety of cultural experiences from vibrant music and art scenes to historic landmarks and ancient ruins.

Discover the cultures of Mexico, Canada, and the United States through the eyes of the country's diverse people in our collection of more than 30 interviews and feature tales! People Are Culture presents artisans, pioneering activists and innovators, dedicated preservationists, spiritual seekers, global visionaries who bring the culture of the places to life by talking about their inspiration, process, techniques, and heritage.

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Different Cultures in Central & South America

Central America and South America are two parts of the American continent that are south of North America. It is a home to various indigenous groups with unique rituals, language, and customs. These groups have a strong bond with the land, and their art, music, and dance show what they believe in spiritually and what their culture is like.

The colonial influence of Spain and Portugal Colonies reflects well in the architecture, language, and religion of the area. Along with its natural beauty, Central & South America also stands apart for its tasty cuisine, lively music and dance.

If you are someone who is curious about the cultures you'll appreciate this compilation of more than 18 feature articles and interviews of the best countries to visit in Central & South America with cultural icons from Columbia, Guatemala and the Caribbean. These interviews with cultural standard bearers will also reveal their own "aha!" moments, struggles, breakthroughs, and hopes for the future. At the heart of all cultures is the human situation, which we all share.

Country Spotlight The Caribbean

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Different Cultures in Eurasia & Asia

Eurasia is the landmass that includes both Europe and Asia. The land is a home to many different religions in the area, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. with its faith influencing the region's arts, architecture, writing, and social norms. We reveal this region with stories from people who share the history and meaning behind traditions like pottery, weaving, embroidery, drawing, calligraphy, spices and herbs, to the festivals that unite the ideologies of people and creates a common ground for celebration. Explore this region through a cross-section of perspectives.

People Are Culture offers more than 15 interviews that cover a wide range of countries, from one of the world's oldest, Armenia, to one of the world's most diverse, India. Explore the many different cultures of this region, and learn what many arts and traditions mean from the people here who work hard to keep them alive and beautiful. Join us to learn about the stories of Eurasia and Asia.

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