Let’s Collaborate

Consumers today are bombarded with information about potential travel destinations. If culture and experiential travel are your raisons d’etre, Best Cultural Destinations can help de-clutter, distill, and discern a clear vision of exactly what you are looking for, and how to actualize that aspiration.

For destination managers, BCD offers strategic consultations on branding/promoting your locale. For travelers, we provide guidance on choosing the next perfect place to explore, based on your interests.

BCD does not offer sponsored blog posts, affiliate links, product giveaways, or conduct reviews of any sort, nor do we plan the logistics for trips.

What we do offer:

Perspective. Discernment. Value. Transformation.

For destination managers we also offer:

Strategy. Tactics. Story-telling. Voice. Results.

BCD founder & editor Meg Pier’s progressive 25+ year career blends a passion for travel and cultural heritage with expertise in brand building, public relations, story-telling, writing, editing, interviewing and coaching. Her credentials are diversified:  a corporate career as the founding member of PR departments for four major financial services firms;  an extensive collection of bylines as a published travel writer for mainstream mass-market media; and a portfolio of personal history projects, including serving as ghost-writer for three book-length memoirs.

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