Discover Goro! Charming Fishing Community in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region

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Let a Local Show You the Way of Life on Po River!

Go off-the-beaten path with Francesca Lamantea for a taste of local, small town coastal life with a visit to Goro in the Province of Ferrara in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located about 80 kilometres northeast of Bologna and about 50 kilometres east of Ferrara, near the mouth of the Po River. Meet fisherman Roberto and learn about life harvesting clams & mussels, and feast your eyes on some of the tasty traditional dishes served at popular fish festivals!

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Francesca Lamantea

Francesca is a Foreign Languages graduate currently enrolled in an MA course called Planning and Management of Tourism Systems at the University of Bergamo (Italy). She is Italian on her passport but a citizen of the world in real life! A travel enthusiast who loves taking pictures and buying souvenirs, Francesca is also super curious about everything different countries and cultures have to offer. Her mantra is “Never stop!”.


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